Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register to bid live onsite?

You must be 18 years or older to register for one of our auctions and bring a valid photo ID. You can register at one of our auction sites on preview day(s) or on auction day. Registration is free and the public is welcome.

How do I register to bid online?

Listed below are the steps to register online:

  1. Visit
  2. On the home page you will see Upcoming Auctions.
  3. Click “View Auction” to view the auction’s page.
  4. On the right-hand side, click on the “Pre-Register” button.
  5. Create your free account and respond to the confirmation email ( You must be at least 18 years old with a valid credit card to participate)
  6. Log into on auction day to start bidding.

* NOTE – if you have registered before with Bar None Auction through the Proxibid platform, you will have to re-register through the new Bar None Auction platform to start bidding. Bar None Auction is no longer using the Proxibid platform.

Are the auctions open to the public?

Yes, we welcome all bidders to participate in all of our auctions.

Do you require a deposit in order to participate?

No, Bar None Auction does not require a bid deposit in order to register and participate in our auctions.

This is my first time, what should I do?

1. Read the terms and conditions of the auction. 

2. Ask questions if you are unsure. 

3. Review the item descriptions carefully.

4. Remember, all items are sold AS-IS, without any warranties expressed and/or implied. 

Can I purchase an item before the auction?

No, Bar None Auction does not sell anything before or after the auction. The only time to buy an item is on auction day.

Where do the items for auction come from?

Our items are sold on behalf of many Government Agencies (Cities, Counties, Transportation Districts, etc.), local and statewide contractors, trucking and hauling companies, automobile dealerships, and many more!

What does the auctioneer mean when he/she says the lots are “Choice?”

When the Auctioneer says the following lots are choice lots, the high bidder has the option to purchase all of the lots in the choice group or only the lots he/she desires out of the group. If the high bidder does not take all of the lots in the choice group, the Auctioneer will ask the runner up bidder if they would like their pick of the open lots at the same price.

How soon do I need to pay once I’ve purchased an item?

If you purchased your item in a Saturday auction, you're able to pay your invoice the following Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. If you item was in a Friday auction, you can pay that day as well as the following Monday or Tuesday.

How soon do I have to pickup my items from the auction site?

Once your items have been paid in full, we ask that your items be removed from the site 5 business days (one week) after the sale.

Is there a storage fee if I leave my items past the removal deadline?

Yes, a storage fee will be accrued at $25 a day if your items are not removed from the auction site by the removal deadline.

What does EXEMPT mean?

After a vehicle reaches 10 years of age or older, the Department of Motor Vehicles no longer requires a vehicle’s mileage to be recorded. The mileage can be simply stated as EXEMPT. However, Bar None Auction does take a picture of a vehicles odometer, which shows the current mileage at the time the vehicle was checked into our auction.

What does "Dealer Only or Out of State" mean?

If a vehicle has the terms included in the description, "Dealer Only or Out of State", this vehicle either did not pass a California Smog Certification or a vehicle safety check, so bidding on this vehicle is only open to automobile dealers or registered Out of State buyers with Bar None Auction.
The State of California requires a smog check on all vehicles at the time of sale in order to be sold to the general public. Out of State buyers may be in a state, county or city that does not require a smog check and may have different smog laws than the State of California. However, if you are an Out of State Buyer, you MUST be registered with Bar None Auction with an out of state address in order to bid and purchase these items.

I am an out of state buyer; do I have to pay sales tax in the state the auction took place in?

Yes, you will be required to pay sales in the state the auction was held unless one of the following has been provided to Bar None Auction:

  • A Dealer License and Resale Permit
Can Bar None Auction take care of the Registration and Title transfer so I do not have to go to DMV?

Yes, Bar None Auction will take care of the title transfer, registration, ordering of plates, etc. on your behalf. You may request to do your own title and registration transfer by speaking with one of our title clerks at the auction site.

How long will I have to wait until I receive my title and registration in the mail?

Typically, customers receive their title and registration within 60 to 90 days from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  We will issue you a temporary registration card at the time of purchase.

Can I cancel my bid after the auction?

No. Bar None Auction is here to liquidate the assets on behalf of the seller and all of our sales are final. As stated in our terms and conditions, “The bidder offering the highest bid accepted by the Auctioneer shall be the purchaser of the offered lot, and no purchaser shall retract his/her bid.” These terms are agreed and legally binding at the time you register for a sale.The only time a bid maybe cancelled is on a passenger vehicle in the state of California. This is offered as a 2-Day Cancellation Option. 

What is the 2-Day Cancellation Option?

The 2-Day Cancellation Option is an option offered only on passenger vehicles in the state of California. This option must be purchased at the time of the transaction. There is also a restocking fee if the vehicle is returned.

Can I bid on my own items?

No, sellers are not allowed to bid on their own items in the auction.

An item is listed in the catalog as “Passed” - what does this mean?

An item listed as “Passed” in the catalog could be listed this way for multiple reasons. For example, an item didn’t make the auction ramp due to a dead battery, etc. An item may also be listed as “Passed” if a non-responsive buyer purchased the item.

Can I place an offer to buy an item after the auction if the item is labeled “Passed?”

No, Bar None Auction does not sell anything outside of the auction. Typically, the item will be held and sold in the next auction.


For additional information, please read the Terms and Conditions for each auction, located on the Auction Page.
If you still require assistance, please e-mail or call (866) 372-1700.